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Family album of the Order of Preachers


La danse mystique. Fra Angelico Theologian, missionnary, mystic, reformer... the vocation of the Preachers can blossom in so many ways in it's double fidelity to the Word of God which proposes Salvation and to the world to which this Salvation is proposed! Apparently there are no bonds between these characters who lived at times, in contexts and with concerns so different from one another. This bond however exists... It is the bond of a common vocation of preachers of the Gospel of Christ, carried out variously according to the places, the times and gifts' of the brothers and the siStrs, and lived in a similar balance between permanent elements (proclamation of the Gospel, prayer, study, conventual life...).

" is characteristic of the Order to renew itself courageously and to adjust itself to these circumstances by discerning and testing what is good and useful in mankind's aspirations and by introducing the results into the unchangeable harmony of the fundamental elements of its life". (Fundamental Constitution No. 8)

What the members of the Dominican family try to do today, their predecessors carried it out before them. Some succeeded. A few amongst them are presented in the following pages.


Date of death
Date of canonization
St Dominic of Guzman 1221 1234
Blessed Jourdan of Saxony 1237  
St Peter of Verona 1252 1553
St Hyacinth 1257 1594
St Marguerite of Hungary 1270 1943
Humbert of Romans 1277  
St Thomas Aquinas 1274 1323
St Raymond of Pennafort 1275 1601
St Albert the Great 1280 1931
Blessed Marie Poussepin 1280  
St Agnes of Montepulciano 1317 1726
Meister Eckhart 1327  
John Tauler 1361  
Henry Suso 1366  
St Catherine of Siena 1380 1461
St Vincent Ferrer 1419 1455
St Anthony of Florence 1459 1523
Savonarola 1498  
Antonio de Montesinos 1520  
Francisco de Vitoria 1546  
Bartolomeo de Las Casas 1566  
St Pius V 1572 1712
St John of Cologne and compagnons 1572 1867
St Louis Bertrand 1572 1671
St Catherine of Ricci 1590 1746
Sts Martyrs of Japan 1614-1637 1987
St Rose of Lima 1617 1671
St Martin de Porrès 1639 1962
St John Macias 1645 1975
St Martyrs of Vietnam 1745-1862 1988
Blessed Jean-Joseph Lataste 1869  
St Francisco Coll Guitart 1875 2009
Blessed Hyacinthe-Marie Cormier 1916  
Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati 1925  
Marie-Joseph Lagrange 1938  
Louis-Joseph Lebret 1966  
Marie-Dominique Chenu 1990  
Yves Congar 1995  
Georges-Henri Lévesque 2000  
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Our mission

Our Constitutions define our mission in the following way: "The principal reason we are gathered together is that we dwell together in harmony and have one mind and one heart in God, in other words, that we be found perfect in charity. . . Our Order is known to have been founded from the beginning expressly for preaching and the salvation of souls. ...This end we ought to pursue, preaching and teaching from the abundance and fulness of contemplation in imitation of our most holy Father Dominic, who spoke only with God or of God for the benefit of souls."