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cornerThe presence of the Order of Preachers in Canada

Brief presentation of our Order

St. DominicOur religious order was founded by St. Dominic (1170-1221) in the early years of the thirteenth century, with the object of combating the Albigensian heresy in southern France. The name of the order is derived from that of its founder, but the name of "Preaching Friars" (O.P.) was given to it by Pope Innocent III at the time of its foundation. Honorius III designated the friars "the champions of the faith and the true lights of the world", when he formally approved the order in 1216; but they have been something more than mere preachers.


brothersThe originality of the Dominican ideal lies in this, that, far from preferring action to contemplation, the Preaching Friars consider the latter as the one true source of the former. One of the fundamental obligations of the Dominican life is study [...]. The result is that the order has produced both outstanding preachers and great mystics. The distinctive habit of the order consists of a tunic, a scapular, and a hood of white wool, a leather girdle with a rosary suspended from it, and a large black mantle and hood. From this they have been commonly known in England as "Black Friars".


Our Canadian roots

The Canadian province of St. Dominic had its beginnings in 1873, when the Dominicans established themselves in St. Hyacinthe, Quebec. Here a novitiate was opened in 1885. This was transferred to Ottawa in 1900; and in 1909 the college became a studium générale, or university, of the Order. Other establishments were founded in Montreal in 1901, in Quebec in 1919, in Sackville, New Brunswick, in 1926, and in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, in 1929, in Sherbrooke in 1939. The Dominican houses in Canada, together with two in the United States (Lewiston, Maine, founded in 1881, and Fall River, Massachusetts, founded in 1887), were organized as an autonomous province in 1911.

Butare University

In 1931 the Canadian Dominicans undertook, at the request of the Holy See, the direction of the missionary diocese of Hakodate, Japan. In 1960, brothers were sent to Rwanda at the invitation of a local bishop, and today the Dominicans have flourished both in Rwanda and neighbouring Burundi. The Dominicans have founded the University of Butare in southern Rwanda. (Visit our website for our mission in Rwanda and Burundi)

Since then a house has opened in Toronto in the sixties and another communty in Vancouver in the nineties.


Presently, in Canada, we have communities in the following cities: St. Hyacinthe (Qc), Montréal (Qc), Québec City (Qc), Ottawa (ON), Toronto (ON) and Vancouver (BC).

Our Dominican Nuns have two monastery in Canada; one in Shawinigan (Qc) and the other one in Squamish Valley (BC). (See our Directory of the Dominican Family).

To learn more about our mission in Canada please visit our apostolat page.


(Source: W. Stewart WALLACE, ed., The Encyclopedia of Canada, Vol. II, Toronto, University Associates of Canada, 1948, 411p., p. 222.)


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Institut de pastorale des Dominicains is specialized in the formation of pastoral workers, laity and priests, and offers university degrees in pastoral ministry and liturgy.


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For over 60 years, the Canadian Dominican Friars have spread the devotion to the Apostle Saint Jude. for more information, please:

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Our mission

Our Constitutions define our mission in the following way: "The principal reason we are gathered together is that we dwell together in harmony and have one mind and one heart in God, in other words, that we be found perfect in charity. . . Our Order is known to have been founded from the beginning expressly for preaching and the salvation of souls. ...This end we ought to pursue, preaching and teaching from the abundance and fulness of contemplation in imitation of our most holy Father Dominic, who spoke only with God or of God for the benefit of souls."